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Smojo® the worlds first permanent smoking screen. Available now on Amazon and at smoke shops everywhere.


While the patented Smojo® is technically a smoking screen, don’t confuse it with current solutions. All solutions before Smojo had serious drawbacks. Either they didn’t work, became permanently clogged or fell out. Smojo has none of these drawbacks and is the first permanent solution to truly work with no hassles or mess. In addition to being the only solution that truly works, Smojo users will find they save money in six months or less. 


In summary:

  • Smojo works! It’s clean, and it’s permanent!

  • One Smojo is easily last as long as 1000 glass or mesh screens. 

  • Smojo works in most Bong’s, single-hole pipes and hookahs.

  • Smojo is made in USA with surgical grade stainless steel.

  • Smojo will save users money.

Distributors and retailers should contact The Helpful Monkey sales department today to find out why they should be carrying the new Smojo™ brand of permanent smoking screen. 

See our 5 star reviews on Amazon and Leafly

Single Pack Smojo's are sold wholesale in case lots containing 6 countertop displays of 24 each for a total of 144 individual Smojo's per case. The suggested retail price of each individually packaged Smojo is $4.95. Multi-pack Smojo's are also available. 


For distributors and retailers wanting to purchase Smojo please contact the Helpful Monkey Sales department

Visit the Smojo consumer web site ( for videos and more information. 


More smoking accessories coming soon...

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